Satyakam started playing violin at age seven. By the age of ten, he was performing on stage. Since then Satyakam has appeared at music venues in various countries in Europe, India and South America and has a full performing schedule across the Netherlands as featured violinist, variously accompanied by reputable local or visiting Indian musicians such as Rishabh Dhar (from Calcutta) and others.

Inquisitive and experimental by nature, Satyakam has engaged with kindred spirits in the context of world music and fusion genres. Remarkable is his performance with the NOO Ones, Eclect-E and as musical arranger of classical Bollywood scores, such as the show ‘A tribute to Mohammed Rafi’. Satyakam’s uncanny agility on the Indian violin has enthralled audiences by transporting them into musical realms otherwise inaccessible, no doubt accounting for his early and sustained success. A US tour in the offing for 2016 is intended to establish his reputation among an even wider public.

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